Five Signs You Need a Privacy Fence Rather Than a Glass Fence Around Your Pool

As long as you pool fencing meets the safety requirements for your area, you can choose the material you like. In South Australia, for example, pool fences need to be at least 1.2 metres high, unclimbable and meet a few other specifications. However, once those criteria are met, you can choose a stylish glass fence or a privacy fence. Here are five signs you should choose a privacy fence.  

1. You want more privacy in your garden.

If you don't want neighbours to be able to see into your pool area, a wooden, vinyl or composite privacy fence may be perfect for you. Glass, however, works better for homeowners who are keen to show off their pools and patio areas.

2. You want to reduce temptation.

In addition to giving you a bit of privacy, an opaque fence also eliminates the possibility of tempting passersby into your pool area. For example, imagine that a few kids see your pool through your glass fence. Even though it's not easily scaleable, they drag over a chair and manage to get themselves over the fence and into your pool area, putting themselves at risk and you at risk from a liability standpoint.

Arguably, if they hadn't seen the pool because your fence was opaque, they may not have been tempted to come onto your property.

3. You want a fence that is easier to clean.

Composite, vinyl and wood fences all require different types of maintenance and upkeep, but they are all easier to clean than glass pool fencing. Unfortunately, any dirt or debris shows up easily against a glass fence, while a privacy fence may hide it. When you start cleaning, you have to fight against streaks with a glass fence. In contrast, you can simply train the pressure washer on most wood or synthetic pool fences without worrying about drip marks or streaks.

4. You like the idea of color options.

With a glass fence, you may be able to choose a special colour for the metal frame that holds the glass panels in place, but the majority of the fence will be clear. However, if you choose a privacy fence, you can pick any colour you like. Whether you want traditional stained wood, bright red or simple white, you can have any of those options with a privacy pool fence.

5. You want a bit of shade around your fence.

A privacy fence doesn't shade your entire yard, but it provides more shade than a glass fence. While the sun will go right through a glass fence, it will be blocked by a privacy fence. That creates enough shade for your pup to take a nap at the very least.