The Fence Challenger: Keeping Your Terrier from Digging their Way Under the Fence

Every terrier breed owner knows just how lively, enthusiastic, loving and eager to please their canine friend is, and they are also well aware of the excellent digging skills their dogs possess. Terriers are natural diggers; they were bred for that behavior. How can you keep a dog with a fetish to dig holes around your fence adequately contained?  You need a dig-proof fence!

Install a concrete footer

This is a concrete trench poured inside the fence run that will contain the serious digger. You can install a concrete footer as a DIY project. All you have to do is to pour concrete in the trench along the fence perimeter and sink the bottom of your fence before it dries.

A foot-deep concrete footer will present a good barrier when your dog decides to dig under the fence. Place a frost line to prevent the concrete from moving with extreme temperature changes. This method is very effective and will keep your digging artist away from the fence for good.

Install the L-footer fence system

This is a wire fence that is laid down against the base of your fence and bent at a 90-degree angle to form an 'L' shape. You can either leave the fencing above ground or bury it underground depending on your needs. If you decide to leave it above ground, place a few rocks to hold down the fort. This method will work with a weld-wire or a chain link fence. This type of fencing will definitely deter your dog from digging.

Install a bar footer

A bar footer is an ideal alternative for a mild digger. Unlike the L-footer or the concrete footer, is a simple DIY project. Just install a piece of rebar along the bottom of your fence to ensure that your dog won't squeeze out underneath.

The shock therapy

If your dog is a determined digger, how about a little shock to dissuade them otherwise. An electric fence that uses a small charge will keep your dog in the yard. This fence emits a small signal to a hidden boundary of underground wires, setting off a receiver on your dog's collar as a warning sound whenever he attempts to dig. If your dog fails to back away, the receiver will respond with a low voltage shock. This method is harmless but uncomfortable enough to discourage your dog's digging fetish.

For more advice or help installing one of these fences, hire qualified fencing contractors to ensure your safety and that of your dog.