Choosing the Ideal Automatic Gate for Your Residential Property

Gates are becoming very popular for residential properties these days, as they add security to a home without detracting from its overall look and can actually enhance a home's appearance, making it seem more stately and regal. Automatic gates can also stop a salesperson or anyone else before they even make it to your front entryway, which also increases your overall security, reducing the chance of someone checking out your home for an intended burglary. When you are ready to choose an automatic gate for your residential property, note a few tips you'll want to keep in mind so you know you get the right type and style.


An aluminium gate is very lightweight and doesn't rust or corrode, so this can be a very durable choice for your home. You may be less likely to hear squeaking and groaning of the gate when it operates if you choose the lighter weight of aluminium. This can also mean less wear and tear on the chains and hinges of the gate, so it may need less maintenance over time.

However, note that the lighter weight of aluminium may mean that the gate is more likely to show dents and dings if you should ever bump into it and from flying rock and other debris from the road. If you live on an unpaved road, a stronger galvanised steel may be better, and even a wood gate may be more durable against such everyday damage.


You may assume that a gate with bars to match your fence is a good choice, but you can usually mix and match the gate style with the fence style of your home and still have something very attractive. A solid panel gate will offer more privacy; you might opt for wood panels and then have oversized hinges in the same material as the fence itself, to coordinate the looks. Solid metal panels in the same material of your fence, such as wrought iron, can also be an option. If you do choose bars to coordinate with the fence, be sure you check any local regulations about the width between the bars, to protect children and pets from getting stuck.

Pillars for security

For added security, you might opt for stone pillars on either side of the gate, which can be stronger than standard posts. These stone pillars may also hide wiring you need for additional security features such as an overhead camera, alarm and other such accessories.