Three Fantastic Features Of Slat Fencing

Front fences provide security and decoration. Additionally, when built high enough, they enclose a private front garden that's not open to every stranger on the street. One possible barrier style to consider is an aluminium slat design. Read on to discover three fantastic features of these fences. 

Adaptable Privacy Levels 

With aluminium slat fences, you can adapt the structure to create your ideal privacy level, by combining a slat width with particular spacing. Other fencing styles don't offer this same freedom of choice. Chain mesh on its own, for instance, is see-through, as are tubular-metal barriers. Other designs, such as brick and cement-rendered concrete, are opaque. 

With slat structures, you can fit wide slats with only a slither of light in between each one. Or else, you can set any-width slats with big gaps. Some of these combinations give more privacy and less light flow, while others do the reverse. It's your choices, though, that control the final effect. You can ask your fencing contractors for their advice also.

Light And Airy Structure

Another fantastic attribute of slat fences is that they can be tall, without feeling oppressive and bulky — a high slat barrier is tall and slim, rather than wide and towering. The slats are slenderer than massive materials like brick and concrete, which tend to loom over a garden when set up as a high fence. 

Slat fence's lightness is also a result of the spaces within the design. Even with small divides between the slats, showing only a glimpse of a view, the structure has an airiness that a continuous fence — like a corrugated metal style — doesn't. Thus, you can build a slat fence around your front garden — as tall as you like — without it creating a closed-in and stifling feeling. 

Many Colours 

Another fantastic attribute of slat designs is that you can install them in a diverse range of colours to integrate the fencing with your home. Some regular choices include black, brown, green, and white. Depending on the particular models you're considering, you'll have different colour palettes to pick from. You could even get your fence custom powder-coated in virtually any hue you can imagine — bright yellow, ultramarine, or apple green — or other more nature-inspired subdued tones.

Thus, slat fences make ideal front fencing for a home. You can devise your fence to be as open or private as you wish. It can also be high without making your home feel like a prison due to the light nature of the design. Plus — with numerous colours on offer — it will be easy to match the fencing to your landscape.

For more information, reach out to a local fencing contractor.