When is Steel Fabrication Commonly Used in the Construction Industry?

When many people think about the construction industry, they think about things being built from wood. It's true that timber is still one of the most popular building materials out there, but steel and other metals have become very popular for construction over the years, too. For example, steel fabrication companies often work with builders to provide steel components and parts that are right for their construction projects. These are some examples of times when steel fabrication is commonly used in the construction industry.

Steel Buildings Are Being Constructed

First of all, and perhaps most obviously, steel fabrication has to be done when a structure is being built mostly or completely out of structural steel. You have probably seen steel buildings of many types, even if you didn't notice it. Many warehouses and other industrial-grade buildings are built out of structural steel. Structural steel is popular for building automotive repair shops, workshops, and more. Sometimes skyscrapers, apartment buildings, and even houses are built out of structural steel. For all of these different types of projects, steel fabricators have to cut, bend and install structural steel beams and more.

Framing Is Being Done

Even if your structure is not being completely built from steel, that does not mean that steel will not be used in the construction process at all. For example, many homes nowadays actually have steel framing. The steel typically is not visible after the rest of the home building process has been completed, but the steel does provide a more sturdy and long-lasting frame. If you are having a home or any other type of structure built, you may want to consider having framing done with steel, even if you are planning on using other building materials for the rest of the project.

Railings Are Being Made

Steel is very popularly used for building railings for stairs, decks and balconies. For example, if you're installing stairs inside your home or a nice deck in your backyard, you may want to hire someone who will use steel to build sturdy, long-lasting railings that will be able to handle plenty of weight and that will look good, too. Not only is steel used for building residential railings, but as you can probably imagine, it's also very commonly used for building commercial or industrial railings.

Steel fabrication is used in the construction industry in these ways and more. Because of the many ways that steel fabrication is used in the construction industry, there is a good chance that steel will be used for your upcoming project if you're working on planning one.