Astonishing Aluminium: Is Aluminium The Right Material For Your New Pool Fencing?

If you are lucky enough to own an outdoor above-ground or below-ground pool, surrounding your pool with sturdy, formidable fencing is vitally important. Pool fencing doesn't just provide you and your fellow bathers which much needed privacy and security -- it is also a legal requirement in most parts of the country and is essential for preventing your pool becoming a drowning hazard for errant children and wandering pets. However, just because you have to install a fence around your pool doesn't mean you can't choose your fencing, and a wide variety of different materials have the necessary strength and rigidity to be used as pool fencing. Read More 

Residential Problems Easily Solved By Automatic Gates

Over the years, there has been an increase in the demand for residential security systems that are both efficient as well as reliable. As a result, homeowners are moving away from traditional manually operated gates to automatic gates that provide a higher sense of security for the property. Nonetheless, automated gates are not exclusively functional for enhanced safety. There are numerous other functionalities that these barriers would provide you with, making them an ideal investment for all homeowners. Read More 

Three Steps To Bring A Rusty Iron Fence Back To Life

Cast iron fences add beauty to every garden, but when they are not cared for properly they rust. As a new homeowner with rusty iron fences, you want to renew their beauty now that spring has arrived and the weather lends itself nicely to taking on outdoor projects. Restoring an iron fence is not too difficult when you follow these three steps. Step 1 - Get Rid Of Rust The first step is to get rid of as much rust as you can so you can see how damaged the fence is. Read More 

The Fence Challenger: Keeping Your Terrier from Digging their Way Under the Fence

Every terrier breed owner knows just how lively, enthusiastic, loving and eager to please their canine friend is, and they are also well aware of the excellent digging skills their dogs possess. Terriers are natural diggers; they were bred for that behavior. How can you keep a dog with a fetish to dig holes around your fence adequately contained?  You need a dig-proof fence! Install a concrete footer This is a concrete trench poured inside the fence run that will contain the serious digger. Read More 

Sliding Gate Facts and Safety Features for Dog Owners to Consider

A sliding gate can make an attractive entrance to your property, but if you have a dog, you need to ensure your sliding gates are safe for him. Whilst picking out your gate, there are several elements you should consider. Take a look at these ideas: 1. Make sure your dog cannot escape through the gate. If you want to prevent your dog from running off, you need to make sure that he cannot slip through the slats of the gate and that there are no gaps between the edge of the gate and the fence that would allow him to slip through. Read More