Three Fantastic Features Of Slat Fencing

Front fences provide security and decoration. Additionally, when built high enough, they enclose a private front garden that's not open to every stranger on the street. One possible barrier style to consider is an aluminium slat design. Read on to discover three fantastic features of these fences.  Adaptable Privacy Levels  With aluminium slat fences, you can adapt the structure to create your ideal privacy level, by combining a slat width with particular spacing. Read More 

How to Choose the Best Fencing for Your New Smallholding

If you've just bought an area of rural land with the intention of opening a smallholding, then you need to plan the project carefully to make sure that you take full advantage of the resource. You may plan to set aside some of the land for crops but other areas for rearing small animals, and you will need to segregate everything carefully so that you can protect one from the other. Read More 

Two tips for fitting a fence around a property that is on a busy road

If your home faces a busy road on which dozens or perhaps even hundreds of vehicles travel each day, here are some tips that you should keep in mind when choosing fencing materials for your property: Pick tubular fencing rather than flat fencing In this situation, tubular fencing would be better than fencing comprised of flat panels, as the shape of the former makes it far sturdier than the latter. Read More 

Why Aluminium Is the Best Material for Temporary Fencing

When most people think of fencing, they automatically envision permanent, perimeter fencing. And while this is the most common reason why you may need fencing, there are occasions when temporary fencing will be your best bet. For example, you could be engaging in minor construction on your property, and you need to cordon off the area with temporary fencing, or perhaps you need to engage in crowd control for a certain event. Read More 

Why You Should Surround Your Rooftop Terrace With Glass

If you're seriously afraid of heights, then no type of protective device between you and the "edge" will appear to be safe. However, in most cases you may trust the design capability of the barrier, and when it comes to home design, you may be more worried about its aesthetic. For example, how can you make sure that a rooftop deck is safe while taking full advantage of the glorious view? Read More