The Fence Challenger: Keeping Your Terrier from Digging their Way Under the Fence

Every terrier breed owner knows just how lively, enthusiastic, loving and eager to please their canine friend is, and they are also well aware of the excellent digging skills their dogs possess. Terriers are natural diggers; they were bred for that behavior. How can you keep a dog with a fetish to dig holes around your fence adequately contained?  You need a dig-proof fence! Install a concrete footer This is a concrete trench poured inside the fence run that will contain the serious digger. Read More 

Sliding Gate Facts and Safety Features for Dog Owners to Consider

A sliding gate can make an attractive entrance to your property, but if you have a dog, you need to ensure your sliding gates are safe for him. Whilst picking out your gate, there are several elements you should consider. Take a look at these ideas: 1. Make sure your dog cannot escape through the gate. If you want to prevent your dog from running off, you need to make sure that he cannot slip through the slats of the gate and that there are no gaps between the edge of the gate and the fence that would allow him to slip through. Read More 

Tips To Help You Enhance The Security Level Of Your Home Perimeter Fence

Home perimeter fences come in different designs and also have varying features that help in maximizing security for the client. It's important for you to identify security features that you can have installed or included in your perimeter fence for optimal security. Below are tips and guidelines on security fence features you can use to enhance the security of your home. Install Anti-Climb Block Creating an anti-climb block at the top of your perimeter fence deters buglers from climbing over your homestead perimeter fence. Read More 

Things You Should Keep in Mind When Installing a Fence around Your Outdoor Swimming Pool

As much as a swimming pool offers recreation and entertainment for your family and visitors, it can also be a threat to their safety. Particularly, children are in greater danger considering their curious and playful nature. This is why you should secure the pool with a fence to restrict unsupervised movement into the pool. If you are looking to make your outdoor swimming area more safe by adding a fence, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind: Read More 

Five Signs You Need a Privacy Fence Rather Than a Glass Fence Around Your Pool

As long as you pool fencing meets the safety requirements for your area, you can choose the material you like. In South Australia, for example, pool fences need to be at least 1.2 metres high, unclimbable and meet a few other specifications. However, once those criteria are met, you can choose a stylish glass fence or a privacy fence. Here are five signs you should choose a privacy fence.   Read More