A Few Questions You Might Have About Aluminum Fencing For Your Property

Aluminum fencing is a popular option for homeowners, as aluminum doesn't rust or corrode and is very lightweight, making it easier for homeowners to install their own fence. It can be shaped and formed to look like a traditional wrought iron fence or can come in solid panels for when you want some privacy. Note a few questions you might have about aluminum fencing and then discuss the option with a contractor for more information.

1. Is an aluminum fence truly maintenance free?

While aluminum doesn't rust or corrode, note that the light weight of the material might make it prone to dents and dings, such as from hailstorms and other such damage. Aluminum is also typically powder coated; this is like a paint color that is applied in powder form rather than a liquid that is brushed onto its surface. Each manufacturer will vary in their quality when it comes to the application of the powder coating and its durability and longevity, so you might find that, in some cases, the color fades or otherwise needs a touchup or reapplication after so many years.

2. Can an aluminum fence be installed in a concrete slab?

Typically you can drill into a concrete slab and install the posts for your aluminum fence; a fence manufacturer can note the type of core drill you would need and the depth of the hole to be drilled. You may also be able to attach the fence posts with face plates that get bolted into the concrete. Your fence manufacturer may even recommend that you use these face plates anyway, as the lighter weight of aluminum might make it more prone to moving around in the hole you drill into concrete. Your fence manufacturer can give you specific recommendations, but don't assume that you cannot attach an aluminum fence to concrete footings or a concrete slab.

3. Are aluminum fences secure?

Aluminum itself may be somewhat easy to cut with tin snips, but note that the posts or panels that make up an aluminum fence are usually too thick to be cut so quickly and easily. Choosing a tall fence made of posts also means no toe holds for someone to use to climb the fence, and if you opt for points at the top of the aluminum stakes, this too can be a deterrent to potential intruders trying to scale your fence. Choosing a design with bars very close together can mean not allowing someone to easily slip through them, which is also a good security feature.

For more information about aluminium fencing, contact your local fencing contractor.