Tips To Help You Enhance The Security Level Of Your Home Perimeter Fence

Home perimeter fences come in different designs and also have varying features that help in maximizing security for the client. It's important for you to identify security features that you can have installed or included in your perimeter fence for optimal security. Below are tips and guidelines on security fence features you can use to enhance the security of your home.

Install Anti-Climb Block

Creating an anti-climb block at the top of your perimeter fence deters buglers from climbing over your homestead perimeter fence. The anti-climb block can be a modification of the existing fence, or you can have an additional feature added to the existing fence. Hiring a professional fence contractor is advisable, so that you can have the modification or add-ons done skillfully.

For example, you can modify an aluminum fence at the top and have it curl outward such that a bugler cannot manage to crawl over. Also, you may want to have pickets at the curved edges of your aluminum fence to enhance the security feature. You can also opt for a barbed wire barrier, especially if it blends in with your current fence.

Fence Lighting

Installing perimeter fence lights greatly boosts the security in your home because it's easier to see intruders. Also, fence lights will light up your compound, making it easy for any cameras that may be present to capture images of intruders more clearly. You can opt to install automated lights or manually-operated lights, depending on your preferences.

For example, an automated lighting system may have motion-sensitive lights that detect movement and light up whenever someone gets into your compound. Remember that fence lights are effective more so when mounted near walkways, bushy places, and dark corners.

Fence Base Barrier

A fence base barrier is a great fencing feature that prevents buglers from burrowing their way into your compound. Fences that don't run deep enough into the soil or that lack a solid foundation at the base can be a point of security breach in your home. For instance, buglers can easily force a mesh fence up and crawl beneath it.

To secure the base of your security fence, you may want to install a chain link barrier and have it buried beneath the surface of your fence. Burying about 12 inches of the mesh into the ground is sufficient. However, if you're unable to modify your fencing such that it goes deeper into the ground, you can create a double row fence by installing another fence on the inner side of your original fence.