Astonishing Aluminium: Is Aluminium The Right Material For Your New Pool Fencing?

If you are lucky enough to own an outdoor above-ground or below-ground pool, surrounding your pool with sturdy, formidable fencing is vitally important. Pool fencing doesn't just provide you and your fellow bathers which much needed privacy and security -- it is also a legal requirement in most parts of the country and is essential for preventing your pool becoming a drowning hazard for errant children and wandering pets.

However, just because you have to install a fence around your pool doesn't mean you can't choose your fencing, and a wide variety of different materials have the necessary strength and rigidity to be used as pool fencing. One of the most popular and well-regarded of these materials is aluminium, and it's easy to see why. Here are just some of the advantages of choosing aluminium fencing for your home pool:


To comply with local pool fencing laws, the fencing material you choose must have considerable strength and load-bearing weight, to prevent the fence from being collapsed by intruders or large animals seeking entry. Aluminium fencing provides more than enough strength to meet these criteria, and even inexpensive chain-link varieties have the necessary strength and rigidity to meet local planning laws.


Aluminium provides the durability and longevity you would expect from metal fencing and is an excellent long-term investment. It is capable of weathering heavy impacts without denting or cracking, does not suffer from mould or rot, is immune to termites and other wood-boring insects, and will not lose strength due to long-term exposure to UV sunlight., making it far more durable than most timber or plastic fencing options.

The most important contributing factor to aluminium's durability, however, is the fact that it is entirely rustproof. Aluminium naturally creates a rustproof layer of aluminium oxide on its surface when exposed to air, so your aluminium fencing can be left exposed to all manner of inclement weather without falling victim to damaging and unsightly corrosion. This natural rust resistance also means you don't have to spend money having your fencing rustproofed with paint, powder or galvanised coatings.


Aluminium fencing can be fabricated into countless different shapes and designs, ranging from simple, unobtrusive barred fences to imposing, privacy-providing panel fences, so you can always find an aluminium fence that matches the overall design of your home and poolside area. Decorative accents and a variety of optional coloured coatings give you, even more of a choice and allow this thoroughly modern material to blend into more traditional and rustic settings with ease.