Two tips for fitting a fence around a property that is on a busy road

If your home faces a busy road on which dozens or perhaps even hundreds of vehicles travel each day, here are some tips that you should keep in mind when choosing fencing materials for your property:

Pick tubular fencing rather than flat fencing

In this situation, tubular fencing would be better than fencing comprised of flat panels, as the shape of the former makes it far sturdier than the latter. This is a very important quality that a fence must have if it will be positioned close to a road that has a steady stream of vehicles passing through it.

The reason for this is as follows: traffic accidents are more likely to occur on busy roads, simply because of the large volume of vehicles that travel on them each day. As such, if your home is beside this type of road, then you must ensure that the contractor you hire fits a tubular fence, as this will be tough enough to withstand the impact of being struck by any vehicles that get involved in accidents outside your property and end up colliding with your fence.

If you don't do this and instead have the contractor fit a fencing system made up of flat fence panels, which are not as robust as their tubular counterparts, there is a much greater chance of this fencing being knocked over or irreparably damaged if or when it is struck by a vehicle. If the fence ends up toppling over as a result of this incident, it could inflict damage on your driveway or your property's external walls if it lands on them.

Opt for an unpainted fence  

In this type of environment, a plain fence, rather than one that is painted, would probably be a better choice. The reason for this is as follows: any fencing that is beside a busy road will need to be cleaned very regularly, as the mud, dust and dirty puddle water that is on the road surface will get flung up onto the fence panels each time a vehicle drives over it.

The quickest way to clean up this dirt is to simply hose down the fence panels with a pressure washer. However, if the panels are coated in paint, being subjected to the forceful spray of water from this equipment on a regular basis could cause the paint to gradually peel off. When this happens, you may need to have the panels repainted by a contractor or perform this task yourself.

Because of this, when the fence contractor enquires about what type of fence you want them to install, you should ask them for one made from plain metal.

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