How to Choose the Best Fencing for Your New Smallholding

If you've just bought an area of rural land with the intention of opening a smallholding, then you need to plan the project carefully to make sure that you take full advantage of the resource. You may plan to set aside some of the land for crops but other areas for rearing small animals, and you will need to segregate everything carefully so that you can protect one from the other. How can you approach this efficiently and cost-effectively?


It goes without saying that you have to keep animals like sheep or goats away from your crops, as otherwise they will simply help themselves. You also need to keep one species of animal away from the other, so that they don't fight or eat the resources you set aside for them. With all this in mind, you need to work with a fencing contractor to choose your fencing carefully.


To begin with, determine what type of animal you're going to focus on and their general characteristics. For example, sheep tend be more passive and can be contained more easily, but goats have a tendency to jump, and you will need to ensure that the retaining fence is tall enough.


You will also need to ensure that the fence is not just sturdy, but resilient. If you live in an area close to the coast, then you will undoubtedly need to deal with high levels of moisture or salt in the air, and this can affect the fence over the long-term if you're not careful.

Chain Wire

Your best choice would be to install chain wire fencing throughout your property and make sure that it is of sufficient height to keep those goats in check. When you install it, make sure that you talk with utility companies first so that you are aware of any underground conduit before you begin your work.


You should ensure that you galvanise the fence as well, as this will give it a high level of protection against corrosion or rust. This is basically a zinc coating that will cover the chain wire, and while it will not last forever, it will certainly inhibit corrosion and rust.

Your Order

Talk with your fencing suppliers once you have calculated the length of fencing that you require, and ask them to galvanise it before they deliver. You should be able to make best use of your available land while you keep everyone in their place at the same time.