Do You Wish to Install an Automatic Gate? 3 Mistakes a Fence Contractor Will Help You Avoid

Everyone wishes to have a safe home and business, and a great way to increase your property's security is by installing a fence. After installing a fence, you need to find a decent gate to help reinforce security. But choosing the right gate may not be easy with the various options available. 

Today, many home and business owners install automatic gates because of the numerous security features they offer. People make mistakes when installing their automatic gates and compromise their security simply because they didn't involve a professional fence contractor. So, here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when installing a gate.

Copying and Pasting the Design

When choosing an automatic gate, ensure it meets all your security needs. The worst thing you can do is choosing the same gate you saw on other premises or property. Just because that gate works well for another property does not mean it will work well for your property. 

It is essential to understand your security needs so you can find the ideal automatic gate. The best way to do this is by hiring a fencing expert to conduct a threat and risk assessment and analyse your security needs. They will then advise you on the type of automatic gate that will work best for your property.

Forgetting to Consider Traffic Flow

Installing an automatic gate will, by default, lead to issues with traffic flow. However, when you assess the amount of traffic you usually receive or expect to get, you will easily choose a gate that will help solve any unnecessary traffic issue. Start by determining the number of traffic cycles expected in a day and also find out when you usually have peak traffic times. These factors will help you come up with the perfect design of the automatic gate. 

Failing to Include Pedestrian Access 

Another common mistake home and business owners make when installing automatic gates is not considering how pedestrians will access their property. Keep in mind that not everyone coming into your property will use a vehicle. Other individuals will just walk to your property while others will come cycling. 

Without a proper access point, these visitors will have to wait until the entire gate is opened to enter. For this reason, you must design pedestrian access to give everyone easy access to your property. Also, include signs that show them where they can pass through. 

These are only a few of the mistakes people make when installing an automatic gate on their property. You can easily avoid them by hiring an expert fence contractor. Hiring these professionals ensures the gate is properly installed so that it can be more practical and efficient.